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OA. Dr. med. Jürgen KASPER

I worked as an anesthesiologist, intensive care and emergency medicine physician for 25 years. Over time, my focus has increasingly turned to treating my patients in a more holistic, overarching and preventive sense of body, mind and spirit, the cause-oriented consideration of the whole person, taking into account his current life situation.

I have pursued and consolidated this approach for several years in addition to my work in the hospital in elective doctor's offices in Vienna and Stockerau, and for a good year now I have dedicated myself exclusively to this activity.

Teaching and training young colleagues has always been a great concern of mine, which is why I have been giving training courses and seminars and lecturing for several years with great pleasure.
Because of this love for knowledge transfer, we have jointly founded the Academy for Functional Holistic Medicine, AFGM for short.

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